Here is a short version of my resume illustrating my qualifications and experience, the numerous brands i have worked for, and the identities I have created and helped to implement. Feel free to contact me for any further questions or book a free appointment to discuss a project.

Work experience

2014 - 2015

Graphic Designer

@ SC Solenoid SRL Printing House
Location: Iasi, Romania

Freelance Collaboration


2015 - 2018

Senior Graphic Designer

@ Tester Grup - Caremil
Location: Iasi, Romania


2018 - Present

Brand Identity Developer

@ Tester Grup - Casa Auto
Location: Iasi, Romania


Job description

Graphic Designer @ SC Solenoid SRL 


As a graphic designer for Solenoid, I truly owned my experience in print design, as well as the intricacies of the printing process. My responsibilities included designing and printing any materials requested. A big part of the job was client negotiation and client database management.


Brand Identity Developer @ Tester Grup - Casa Auto


As a brand identity developer for Tester Group, the responsibilities include the editing and personalization of brand materials and the enforcement of corporate identity for each brand in the group. The job also implies developing new identities, as well as the management of local partnerships with print houses, newspapers, and online partners. I have gained experience in both large and small format print design and online design, including short animation.



Brands I have worked for doubling as brand officer

Key responsibilities:

  • ensuring that all corporate identity guidelines
    are implemented correctly

  • verifying that all sign, print, and online materials are correctly sized and all color codes are outputted to standard

  • preparing and managing guideline audits

  • adapting national campaigns to local media

  • creating local image and sales based campaigns that follow the corporate identity guidelines



Software level assessment

Brands I have designed

and implemented


Key responsibilities:

  • Designing, coordinating, and verifying the production of all signage, stationery, and all other web and print products

  • Upholding the brand standards in all new design work




2005 - 2009

"Gheorghe Tattarescu"

Art And Architecture High School
Field Of Study: Architecture

Degree as Draftsman

and Graphic Designer


2010 - 2014

"Gheorghe Asachi"

Technical University of Iaşi
Field Of Study: Architecture





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